Sven Väth was caught watching football on his phone while DJing at Awakenings festival

The German techno titan Sven Väth was performing to a pretty impressive crowd at the Awakenings dance festival in the Netherlands over the weekend – but his set clashed with Germany’s last 16 match against Slovakia.

He found a sneaky solution though. Unbeknownst to fans dancing away, Vath had his phone propped up against the decks, watching the game while he played. His tactic was caught by the event’s photographer and noticed by an eagle-eyed Twitter user.

A Facebook user called Mr. After Party also uploaded a series of pictures to his page that appear to show Väth spinning a record with his phone resting on the mixer in a prime viewing spot for the Germany vs Slovakia game.

The DJ has yet to respond to the pictures.
Sven Väth

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